At AstroBingo, we stand for fairness, friendship and fun. You could trust us with your granny's necklace. Except you won't have to. We expect you'll just want us to run a totally fair online bingo game.

We like to think of ourselves as a little community. A bit like a village, but without the Post Office. A village where you can win a whopping great prize in the church hall every day.

Through bingo, we reckon we can spread a little love. We believe the key to a solid friendship is honesty and clear communication. So, get to know your fellow players. Get to know us. Pop round. Do the dishes. The better we understand each other, the stronger our relationship.

Here are a few promises we thought you'd like:

Total commitment to you and your experience

Great people, great training, great tools. Happy you. Security, epayment options, feedback option, payment option, fun games.


You can win big on bingo. You could lose big, too. That's why we always encourage you to be sensible and responsible. Set limits. Stick to them. And bet only as much as you can afford to lose.


Bingo's a game of chance. But tish and piffle to all that. We want to give everyone an equal chance to win. .

Never push and "always-tell-the-truth" advertising

We'll never interrupt you with our sales pitch or shove you into a corner of the playground and force you to choose us over other online bingo sites. We just create a fab product and hope you'll play anyway.

We'll always tell the truth in all our advertising and promotions and only provide accurate information. We reckon small print is for losers, and you'll always get clear rules and regulations. It's all about giving you a clear picture and letting you decide whether you fancy us over the competition.