What is Bingo Sprint?

Bingo Sprint keno bingo is a single player casino game that plays like a hybrid of Bingo and Keno! The object is to match the pattern on your tickets to one of the 12 winning patterns displayed, within 30 calls!

How to play Bingo Sprint:
Select 1-4 tickets in your game by clicking on them, then place your bet! Once you’ve got your bet and cards picked, hit “Play Now” to begin! Easy right? You’ll have 30 calls to match your tickets to one of the 12 winning patterns displayed. The game will keep track of each card and let you know which one is close, and which one’s a winner!

Extra Ball:

Sometimes, 30 calls just aren’t enough to hit one of the winning patterns. Luckily, Bingo Sprint is a game with second chances! If you only need one more number to win a pattern with a prize value of 10x or more than your single card bet, Bingo Sprint will let you purchase up to 10 EXTRA balls to try and hit that pattern. If you’re eligible, the “Buy Extra Ball” button will turn green and the “Extra Ball” display will activate! Just click the button to get your second chance! Any patterns you hit while buying extra balls will be added to your prize amount!