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Your Free Bonus

Here's What's In Store For You ...

To help you get the most out of your experience playing Bingo, we believe you deserve to be pampered with tons of free bonuses and prizes. This is exactly what's in store for you when you join Astro Bingo:

Enjoy a £10 free bonus when you register. Though you can't cash out any winnings derived from the free bonus offer before you can cash out, it's a great way to test try some of the bingo games.

Tip: Before you play your £10 free, make an initial deposit and use the extra no deposit bingo on top of your welcome bonus for better odds and extended playtime. You can get started with at least £40 when you deposit £10. See below.

Join Now. Deposit £10. Get £40 to Play With!

As soon as you open your AstroBingo account here's what's in store for you:

  • £10 No deposit Bingo Bonus
  • Min. £20 Free Welcome Bonus when you deposit £10 - we'll give you double your first deposit in bonus, up to a max of £1000
  • Access to all games including Mega Jackpots and 3D Slots

Join Now. Deposit £10. Get £40 to Play With!

Whereas other Bingo sites might just offer you a welcome bonus, here at AstroBingo, we splash more bonus giving you extended playtime and better odds.

Enjoy a minimum 50% on all your future deposits.

Then with Astro Bingo's super rewarding loyalty program enjoy even high free deposit bonuses as you climb up the VIP leader board.

Join Now. Deposit £10. Get £40 to Play With!

*During the 12hr Wednesday 10pm to Thursday 10am Midnight bonus special, the deposit rebate is 10%.

You're loved at AstroBingo and we really mean it.

In addition to the bonus exchange, huge reload bonuses and e-gift features, you get an extra 50% on top of your regular minimum 50% free deposit bonus as a deposit rebate - that's a minimum 100% on every deposit!

Here's How It Works (you're going to love it):
  1. Each time you deposit at AstroBingo you'll receive a minimum 50% reload bonus*?PLUS another 50% bonus known as deposit bonus rebate
  2. You'll receive your minimum 50% reload bonus instantly.
  3. Then, when your deposit falls below £2 and you have not requested a withdrawal, just click on the "Deposit Rebate" button and you will receive another whopping 50% of your deposit back in bonus!
  4. In essence, AstroBingo gives you a minimum 100% reload on every deposit. Now that's what we call pampering you with love and bonus-a-licious goodies.

Join Now. Deposit £10. Get £40 to Play With!

Now you see the trend, at AstroBingo we simply give you more ways to have fun with every deposit. On top of all the bonuses above, you also unlock the Prize Wheel Spinner for 7 days of free spins with every deposit.

With every spin, you could win:

  • £5, £10 or £25 free bonus bucks
  • 48 cards for the £5,000 top of the hour special games
  • £25 free cash
Available from the Game Lobby after your deposit.

Join Now. Deposit £10. Get £40 to Play With!

We love giving you more at AstroBingo because you're worth it!

You get to turn your extra free funding bonuses into cash so you can play the award Casino Games from Mega Jackpots to Bring Home the Bacon.

Available through "My Account" > Bonus Exchange

Join Now. Deposit £10. Get £40 to Play With!

Not to toot our own horn here but think you deserve to know the facts: not all bingo sites are equal.
For instance, other bingo sites with free bonuses tend to have small print that prevents you from easily winning off your bonuses.

While at Astro Bingo, we give you huge free bonuses with no strings attached. Now that's a fresh breath of air.

Join Now. Deposit £10. Get £40 to Play With!

We believe bingo is better when you can mingle and gossip with other players while trying your luck in exciting chat games with great chances to win extra free bonuses.

As a pay to play member, you get access to non-stop cash games.

Join Now. Deposit £10. Get £40 to Play With!

Award winning software doesn't just belong to the big bingo brands. We think, you're going to love the bingo and variety of casino games available to you at AstroBingo:

  • Beautiful themed Bingo Rooms
  • 30+ Variety Casino Games
  • Popular Mega Jackpot Games as seen on other popular sits across UK Bingo Sites
  • 3D Video Slots - thrilling, exciting and high paying video slots

Join Now. Deposit £10. Get £40 to Play With!