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Please bid good day to our big money winners. The following AstroBingo members have won a fun-sized prize pot playing at our fun-filled community.

We got nice little messages from them, so we decided to share them with you. Here's what they had to say:

kitty82's story

“Omg couldn't believe my luck seen I was waiting on 2 numbers at 51 calls thought no hope then seen 80 come his the screen then looked an squealed had my 10 yr old jumping round the room! love you guys so much Cms r a pleasure and roomies fantastic!”

Alias - kitty82
Member Since: 7th August, 2005
alibee's story

“I would just like to say thank you for my bingo win on the cash grab game I am glad I shared it with a fellow roomie syn its nice to share

I love my bingo ”

Alias - alibee
Member Since: 28th January, 2010
sug02's story

“I was absolutely amazed to win the Cool Cash Jackpot !!!!! I think the surprise was the best bit of it !!! You certainly don't expect to win that amount when you choose your cards perhaps a line or house prize if you are lucky. I have been playing bingo for years and think your site is great and the best on-line site !!! and that anyone can win !!!”

Alias - sug02
Member Since: 21st August 2012
Melinda37's story

“I've not been a member on your site long, but I've played on slots on a lot of other bingo sites for years and never won so much. I'm going away on holiday for Christmas and new year. and now I know I'm gonna have a fantastic time with my children with all that extra money, so it's a massive thank you from me!”

Alias - Melinda37
Member Since: 27th November 2012
chancer11's story

“It was midnight and I was having trouble sleeping so thought I'd log on and have a play. Played for about half an hour, felt my eyes shutting then suddenly got the bonus. I was thrilled when it kept paying out! Every spin was a winner! Went to bed thrilled to bits, I am a regular on site [and] it can happen with a lucky spin. Will all go towards holiday fund and maybe a pair of shoes!! Thanks!!!”

Alias - chancer11
Member Since: 30th August 2011
Snowqueen's story

“I was over the moon to win the Sky High Jackpot (£1,04.75). I will be using it for a well deserved holiday. I want to thank everyone at AstroBingo, everyone is great .I think AstroBingo is a fantastic site and i love playing here. Once again thank you for my win.”

Alias - Snowqueen
Member Since: 19th December 2010
Snowqueen's story

“What a shock i got as i didn't know i had shared the Big Ticket jp till i signed in later in the day. I have never won anything as big as this. My pre-bought ticket won £1747.75 at 8.51 am. I enjoy playing at AstroBingo and everyone is so nice. So thank you AstroBingo for my win.”

Alias - Snowqueen
Member Since: 19th December 2010
*Cherry*'s story

“Hi AstroBingo, Wow ...... I can't believe I won £3789.33 at 7:30 in the morning lol. Can you image the shock !!!!! I never thought in a million years I would win the pjp, but it just goes to show what can happen lol. Thank you so so much AstroBingo. I love the new 2 and 3 part bingo, can't wait for the new rooms to start, happy doesn't even come close lol. All the best of wishes to players and GM's alike.”

Alias - *Cherry*
Cracker's story

“Hello everyone, just wanted to say thank you all so much for your good wishes on my jp win, it was amazing I didn't even realize till you all said, I thought id just won the house. I couldn't sleep all night I was so excited, cause I know my 2 daughters need some help and I couldn't help them and it was the first thing I thought of and you all was so nice about it, I wish you all the luck in the world you are such a nice crowd and this is definitely the best site, I've been on a few lol. thank you for all your support especially to hosts Poppy and Midgey without Poppy id still be worrying how to get my Dosh LOL.”

Alias - Cracker 1950
Adele's story

“I am very new to AstroBingo, infact i only joined about 4 weeks ago...and boy did i get a surprise when i won the jackpot of £2620.55.

Firstly i lost my connection to the site, due to internet explorer problems, then i crashed so i had to re-boot and log on again.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen that I had won the jackpot, what a magical moment it was, in fact I still can't believe it 

Sadly i didn't get to see my winning game because i lost my connection but the friendly roomies and GM Midgey told me all about it

What a wonderful bingo site this is...everyone is so friendly…and the GM's are just amazing......I am just so amazed that a newbie like me could win such a huge amount in such a short time .... amazing.

Thank you so much to everyone involved with AstroBingo I just love your site and am so glad I joined”

Alias - Adele
Member Since: 11th October 2006
DeeDee's story

“thank you very much! I really enjoy bingo at AstroBingo! the gms & roomies are something special! hope others have wins like I have! good luck roomies  go go go”

Alias - DeeDee
Member Since: 1st March 2005
Mitchmente's story

“Wow another big win! Thank you so much AstroBingo! Love you all and best of luck to the roomie and hugs to the GM's (Except Median he a male tut)”

Alias - Mitchmente
Member Since: 2nd March 2005
Vivienne's story

“I was very shocked in winning pjp on the slots and would like to thank everyone for the congratulations on my win. It is a pleasure to be roomie on a fantastic site, with brill gm's. Happy Christmas all xxx oh and don't laugh at the photo either lol”

Alias - vivienne
JDLover's story

“having been a member of AstroBingo for just over 2 months, and meeting some really great people,players and GMs alike, i was shocked and elated to win a "JACKPOT". Thank you, AstroBingo, i will be recommending your site to all!”

Alias - JDLover
Member Since: 6th November 2005
Sarah White's story

“I never win at anything but am always up for a bash at a freebie offer so i had a go at AstroBingo when they offered a bonus to sign up. In my second week of playing bingo i won a jackpot. You could have blown me down with a feather. I am sooooo happy to be winning something and it is fun to play too! i wish all other AstroBingo luck and look forward to seeing you all in the bingo rooms! Many Many thanks AstroBingo, for my best, most exciting internet moment ever.”

Alias - Sarah White