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What's a 'Royal Roomie'?

We treat our friendliest players like Royalty!

A Royal Roomie is a player who goes out of their way to be helpful to the CH on duty.
  • They greet new players as they come into the room.
  • They answer questions other roomies may have when the CH is too busy to answer.
  • They never complain about not winning and are always first to say WD to the player who does.
  • They have a positive attitude in the room.
  • They go out of their way to promote the site when new players are in doubt.

The CH's each nominate one 'Royal Roomie' every week. The player who receives the most votes from Wednesday until Tuesday will be crowned Royal Roomie and will be awarded £25 BPs on the Wednesday. It's our way of saying 'Thank You'. BPs are exempt for this prestigious award. Will you be our next 'Royal Roomie'?

Meet some of our wonderful roomies

My name is Vickie and I'm vfms05. This is my initials plus my blokes,Mark and the year I joined 2005! Simple really! LOL!! I'm a member of a few online bingo spots but once I joined your site I never looked back. I can't help but lurve the amazing CH's and fellow hopefuls playing bingo!
Everyone is so friendly its amazing. I joined in 05 but stopped playing for a bit and at the first chance I started coming back and immediately everyone was so lurvely to me again it was fab! So now I'm back with a vengenance, hence my joining of the members profile and photo album pages!! I just need to get on the winners testemonials page and I'm larfing!
Hello my name is Julie but you all know me as Jools1. I am 55 yrs old and live in a very pretty part of Gloucester in a small cottage at the bottom of the Cotswolds. There is just me and hubby as my kids are grown up now and left home. I have a daughter who is 29 and she is a staff nurse and a son who is 34 and he writes computer programmes.Also from my son we have a new Grandaughter called Annanbell (out First). I luvvvv playing on your site and have made many friends i find the CH's to be the very best. They work so hard. The team spirit on your site is amazing.I have an 19 year old cat called jet who is our baby...bless. I love gardening as much as playing bingo!! and going on hols, that's if i don't spend it all on bingo!! That's it thank you. jools1
i am a female 58 years old and blonde and have a bubbly out going nature i luv your site for chat as well as bingoing lol i have 1 daughter and 4 grandsons who i luv to bits hope this is enough hun n ty for being one of the best CH's hun xxxxxxxx
hi im elaine ,i live in suffolk ,have 2 sons .2 dogs a cat and 2 hamsters divorced ,and love playing ,i dont always chat ,as have son with aspergers sydrome ,who can be quite demanding .but like reading all the banter ,from a great bunch of people ..luv yas ..
hi, my name is irene aka nannyib i have been married for 43 years this year to brian (get less for a life sentence loll) i have 2 children both play on here shelly and jo aka shellyuk1970 and dory08, i live in kent, and next to football and wrestling bingo is my favourite hobby lol, i am a great arsenal fan and love shawn michaels from wwe wrestling. AstroBingo is the best on-line bingo i have played on (never palyed any others loll) and the cms do a lovely job and the roomies are brilliant.
Hi I'm Jean aka easylover I'm married to Keith and have 2 kids I have been playin at your site now for almost 3 years and still waiting for my big win lol I don't get on your site as much as I used to due to work :o( but I get on when I can
Hi I'm kate married with 4 sons and 2 daughters and live in Scotland.I've been a member of your site for 2 years now and I love it roomies are really friendly unlike other sites. CH's are the best and do a great job.
Hi my name is Vicky; your site name VICX2. I'm 31 years old, i have one child and we live in Sheffield, with turtles called Ena and Charlie
My hobbies apart from your site are shopping and drinking and a lot more your site haha I've been a member of your site 18 months and I'm loving every minute, the CH's are great your site is the best site on the net!
Hi, my name is Hazel (aka Nuttyb). I live in Mansfield in Nottinghamshire with my husband and youngest son. I have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. I am a Support Worker in a homeless hostel and I love my job. My hobbies are reading and playing bingo. I love your site because it's the friendliest site I've ever been o n - great CH's and lovely roomies - especially Bambii.
Hi all, my name is Jo aka Dory08, pictured here on the right with my best friend Clare in Spain, the Sangria was lovely, lol. As you are all probably aware but my mum is nannib and my sister is shellyuk1970. I have only been a member of your site for the past couple of months, but everyone has made me feel so welcome, that I could never go to another bingo site.
I would like to say thank you to all the CH's for the brilliant job they do, and all the roomies for their wonderful chat. Love Dory xxx
hiya, my name is michelle aka shellyuk1970, i have 2 children danny is 18 and cody who is 12, we live in kent with my partner paul of 11 years.
my mum and sister are signed up to your site also, mum is nannyib, sister is dory08, well thats about it i think lol. oh except i forgot to say i love playing here at your site all the CH's and roomies are lovely and the CH's do a great job.
love shelly
Hiyaaaaaa, my name is Karen aka kazld. Thats me on the pic with my friend Anita (blonde girl) Am 26 and born and bred in Sunny (NOTTT) Liverpool! I have been a member here at your site since Sept 2006 and i love it!! I have had some big wins here including one of the jackpots :) What keeps me coming back???......well its the best site, we have great specials and bonuses, and the roomies are CH's are the best by far, i have made some good friends here who always manage to pick me up when am down! Thanks millions!!!!! your site is a great site - keep it up!!! Luv Kaz xxxx
I am known as gloglo in your site.I have been a member nearly 3yrs & made lots friends.My pet likes, playing bingo, chatting & having laugh with lovely roomies & CH's.& reading. I have 1 son, 1 daughter, 4 grandsons & 1 step g/son, 1 step g/daughter.I have a german shephard bitch LB, my baby:) & 2 cockateils.I love having a laugh & making others laugh too.Most my friends call me crazy cookie because im always cracking jokes & giggling. I enjoy lifeeeeee.Better not say any more lol, it will end up like a big book:)
luv ya all gloglo.
Hello, Choceclair here! So, you want a profile do you....Well i am a 28 year old married mum of 4 and that's about it! I have 4 daughters aged 10, 8, 4 and 18 months and my hubby Dave is a manager on a pig farm. Hope that's enough to get the points!!!! Heres a photo, not looking my best, i havent been well. Bye for now xx
hiya my name is elaine i am 33 i have 1 kid he is 27 months old oh and i know i have got him lol i live in middlesbrough i like to play bingo as u can see lol my mam also plays bingo on here too her name is smileruk thats it really about me lol xx
Hi, my name is Violetta a.k.a luckydaizy.I live in London with my husband and baby boy.Don't know how i got to start playing on this site but i got addicted very quickly because of the CH's who are sooo helpfull and give you loads of bbs, lol.
Hi my names Michelle aka MamaMoo formerly known as Mitmoo and SugarPlum21 (Well I have been here since Feb '06!) lol. I'm 22 and live on the Isle of Wight with the fella and my 2 children Tyler Jay (Monkey Moo) who's 4 and Leah Marie (Lil Moo) who's 2 and am not planning on having anymore! I enjoy me bingo and have tried several sites in the last couple of years but always end up back here as theres no other site like it!
The CH's and roomies are all great and you can't beat all the specials we have here at your site (shame about the callers tho...). See you all in the chat room and glglgl to all my bingo buddies!! Don't forget to share the lurvvvvvve LOL!
Hello my name is tigger79 or emz and I live on a dairy farm in mid-wales with my two children Leah aged 10yrs and Tj aged 5yrs and also my amazing fella Lee.
I am pregnant at the moment and baby is due 5th september so we are all very excited.
I work for a local radio station where I am a pa there and I absolutely love it. Nearly as much as i love your site lol.
The CH's here are amazing and really do a great job, infact i dont think that they get enough praise xxxx so well well done all the amazing CH's we love you loads and you are what make your site so very brill.
Oh also the amazing roomies you couldnt get a better lot whenever i have had problems, and had no one to talk to the roomies and CH's have helped me out.... you know who you are thank you againxxx
keep up all the great work you rock xxxemz xx
Hi, my name is Louise or GeordieLou as I'm known here on your site! Ive been a member of this site for about 18 month s now and have to say it is the best bingo site on the planet!!
I'm 29 years old, live in Newcastle upon Tyne and am a single mother to a 10 year old girl called Abbie. I work full time in Telecoms Engineering and spend my spare time either shopping, hitting the town with friends, or playing bingo here at your site.
All of the people who play here, and the CH's are absolutely lovely. It really is a great little community and I've made some good friends here.
Thanks, keep up the good work!
Hi Im Lisa......shayniebabe, am nearly 23 and have a baby son Shayne. Im dyslexic so "shaynie" talks for me.
I love bingo but cant follow at land so online is great for me.
hi my name is Tricia....shaynie. also the talker for shayniebabe. Am 58 been married for 37 years with 2 grown up kids n 2 on permanent loan, have 3 gorgeous grandchildren and of course Shaynie. when im not playing bingo I do a lot of volunteer work n babysitting. My other interests are reading and gardening.
I'm 37 years old, live in Rugby with my partner Steve,who became my fiance on new years eve, and my daughter HollyAnn who is 9 years old..ive been a member for over a year and have made so many wonderful friends..the most important things to me are my family,friends ,booze and of course your site..i work in a local school in the kitchens,,not a bad job cos i get all the holidays thats more time on your site!!!
This is me aka lushus and my man steve ..i have a 9 year old daughter called holly who is gorgeous.. these people my family and astobingo, alcohol n fags keep me sane lolxxx
hi, jenanpur here. I joined your site 2 years ago. I am 41 year old, married with 3 kids, 1 grandchild. My fave things are playing bingo of course, music, reading, and best of all playin out (drinking) with me pals. I also play on a darts team. We are on the bottom of our league but we dont care, we go for the night out with the girls more than anything, its a laugh. glglgl to our team.
This is me Windy1234 and my daughter Windysgirl aka Gail and Corinne. Since this photo was taken I have lost over 3 stone so look slightly different. I love playing on your site and have found this to be the best site. My daughter is in the army and is based in Germany as many of you know. Hope the pic is not too much of a shock to your systems lol.
Hi My name is Joanne and im from Leeds Uk. Im 21 and i have a beautiful little girl called Ruby that is 15months old now! ( I look very rough in this pic as you can see i had just given birth) haha. I joined your site last December so its comming up to a year now and i would never look back. your site is by far the best bingo site, with the best roomies, best CH's and evennnn the best manager!!
My name is Lisa, im 24 years old and i live in Enniskillen in Northern Ireland. I have two gorgeous kids, Shakira who is almost 4 and Kayden who is 1. I am engaged to Thomas and we are getting married on 4th July 2008. I started playing on your site in febuary 2006 and i cant keep away from it, its the best site around and the roomies CH's and management are the best u will get anywhere on the net.