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We’ve just celebrated our 98th PIGGY BANK WIN!

For the past year, we’ve given away INCREDIBLE prizes with our nightly Piggy Bank Jackpot! It’s quickly become one of the favourite games in Money Tree!

To do you one better, we’ve decided to offer something special for our 100th Piggy Bank Jackpot win!

When the Piggy Bank Jackpot is won for the 100th time, all players who have a minimum of 4 cards in play in the winning game will share a MATCHED jackpot value in CASH!

This jackpot could go at any time; wins 97 and 98 happened in the same evening! Be sure to pre purchase so you don’t miss your chance at our Piggy Bank 100th Win!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion date/time is not fixed. Promotion winnings will be determined by the date/time of the 100th Piggy Bank Jackpot winning game.
  • Eligible players for prize must have a minimum of 4 cards purchased, with cash, in the winning game. Player who claims 100th Piggy Bank Jackpot will not be eligible to share in the prize.
  • Cash prize will be determined based on Jackpot Value. Prize will be matched to jackpot value and distributed evenly amongst eligible players.
  • Player’s accounts must be in good standing in order to receive promotional prize. If manipulation is suspected by Promotions or Support, prize eligibility may be revoked. One prize per player. Prizes will be credited to eligible players’ accounts within 48 hours.

Want to get Lucky this Saturday night? Join us in Money Tree on August 2nd, 16th and 30th at 8pm for an hour of Jumping Games!

Our newest batch of Saturday Night Lucky Games will have you on the edge of your seat as the prize amounts jump up and down! Pair that with great BOGO offers, a mix of fun prizes and some Saturday night luck and we’re sure you’ll have a great time!

Pre buy is available on all games, be sure to place your bets early so you don’t miss out! Try your luck in Money Tree with the Lucky Jumping Games on Saturday nights!

Prebuy today! Click here.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion period run 20:00 – 21:00 BST, August 2, 16 and 30, 2014
  • 7 games in total will play during the promotion period. Regular top of the hour linked game will play as scheduled
    • Games are 90-ball, cash only. Ticket costs vary for each game between 20p and £1
    • Pre purchase is available on all promotion games

    Midnight Somewhere is starting something NEW!

    Starting on 29th January, come play with a new minimum deposit bonus of 125%!

    Midnight Somewhere plays every Wednesday night at 8pm; the first number called in the Linked UP game determines the deposit bonus - anything from 125% to a massive 190% for 12 hours!

    Each Wednesday night we offer a special deposit bonus of between 125% and 190%, available to all players between 9 PM and 9 AM.

    The deposit bonus amount is determined by the first number called in the linked 8pm game. The bonus is 100% + the number called. For example, if the first number out is 55, the Midnight Somewhere deposit bonus will be 155%.

    The minimum bonus amount is 125%. Make sure to mark Wednesdays on your calendar, and take advantage of this weekly deposit special!

      The Gorgeous £5,000 Hourly Bingo Game

      £5,000 min. £75 | 12pm-5pm & 12am
      Every day at the top of each hour from 12pm to 5pm & 12am in the Money Tree room, you get a chance to win a gorgeous £5,000 Bingo Game with a minimum £75 prize.

      £5,000 min. £100 | 6pm - 11pm
      From 06:00 PM till 11:00 PM the minimum prize goes up to £100.00! For 25p a ticket, play this game at the top of each hour.

      Game Details:

      • Card / Ticket: Only £0.25 per card / ticket
      • Pre-Buy: Available. Buy Now For The Next Game
      • When: Daily at the top of the hour from 12pm to 12am

        Turn Your Luck Around With 2nd Chance Bingo

        2nd Chance FREE Bingo - AstroBingo

        At AstroBingo, we believe bingo is more fun when you get to shout out bingo often. To help celebrate more winners and create winning moments this December, we're introducing an all new special invite room called 2nd Chance, where you get the chance to turn your luck around with special £15 free bingo cash games.

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