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Horse racing is the sport of kings and we have a right royal tournament for all of our wonderful players!!

Sign up today for our At the Races tournament! We’re giving away £550 in cash prizes to the winning players. There will be 10 runners and riders, and each game will see a horse win the race….but which horse? Just like the real thing, we don’t know!!

Race winners will be determined by the last digit of the winning ball drawn. For example, if the race is won on ball 63, horse #3, Super Scott, wins the race! To watch the games, join us in money tree from 6pm – 12am on the half hour.

How can you play along with this fabulous race? Send a ticket to support to buy into the tournament for £10 cash and be assigned to 1 horse! After that there’s 2 ways to win:

  1. The top three winning horses at the end of the tournament will win £250 for first place, £150 for second place and £100 for third place. These prizes will be shared between any players assigned to that horse.
  2. Want a little extra competition? Over the 10 days of the tournament, buy into our Horse Race games in Money Tree. The participating tournament player with the most wins of the horse race games will win £50 Cash!

Names of horses/bingo games as follows:

1. Buon Volatore2. Daddy’s Dollars3. Crown Roya4. Tesoro5. Målarbok
6. Conquistador7. Midnight Express8. Double Delight9. Atrevido0. Misty månen

Also don’t forget to join us in chat for our Polo Race games!

Good luck, we can’t wait to see which horse will be victorious!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion Period runs 00:00 BST 2th October – 23:59 BST 12th October
  • Players can sign up to participate by sending a ticket to support at any time before 8th October at 23:59 BST. Support will debit players accounts £10 and confirm entry into the tournament. Players will then be assigned a horse by the Promotions Team.
    • Horses will be assigned to players at random. Requests for a specific horse or team mate will not be recognized.
  • Players must deposit a minimum of £15 during the promotion to qualify for final prizes
  • Participating tournament players can win earn prizes in two ways:
    • Players assigned to top 3 winning horses will win: 1st place, £250 cash; 2nd place, £150 cash; 3rd place, £100 cash. Each prize place will be divided amongst all players assigned to the winning horse.
      • There is no requirement for participating tournament players to buy into the individual race games to win this prize. To meet first prize requirement, players must only meet minimum tournament requirements of £10 buy in and £15 minimum deposited.
    • Participating player with the top number of wins of the Horse Race Games will win £50 cash.
      • Requirement for earning this prize is to meet the minimum requirements for the tournament, as well as playing in the Horse Race Games.
      • Only players who meet all the tournament requirements will be eligible for this prize.
  • Horse Race Games will be two part, 90 ball and will play in the Money Tree Room.
    • Cost of tickets will be 20p/ticket cash only, on all tournament games
  • In the event of ties, players will share the prizes based on the number of tying players and part prizes involved:  e.g. If 2 players earn the same highest number of points, they will share the prizes equally (1st Prize, and 2nd Prize  will be combined and shared)
  • We may, at our discretion, award free entry to certain VIPs.
  • Winners' accounts must be in good standing during the promotional period. One prize per player. Prizes will be credited to the winning players' accounts within 48 hours

    Midnight Somewhere is starting something NEW!

    Starting on 29th January, come play with a new minimum deposit bonus of 125%!

    Midnight Somewhere plays every Wednesday night at 8pm; the first number called in the Linked UP game determines the deposit bonus - anything from 125% to a massive 190% for 12 hours!

    Each Wednesday night we offer a special deposit bonus of between 125% and 190%, available to all players between 9 PM and 9 AM.

    The deposit bonus amount is determined by the first number called in the linked 8pm game. The bonus is 100% + the number called. For example, if the first number out is 55, the Midnight Somewhere deposit bonus will be 155%.

    The minimum bonus amount is 125%. Make sure to mark Wednesdays on your calendar, and take advantage of this weekly deposit special!

      The Gorgeous £5,000 Hourly Bingo Game

      £5,000 min. £75 | 12pm-5pm & 12am
      Every day at the top of each hour from 12pm to 5pm & 12am in the Money Tree room, you get a chance to win a gorgeous £5,000 Bingo Game with a minimum £75 prize.

      £5,000 min. £100 | 6pm - 11pm
      From 06:00 PM till 11:00 PM the minimum prize goes up to £100.00! For 25p a ticket, play this game at the top of each hour.

      Game Details:

      • Card / Ticket: Only £0.25 per card / ticket
      • Pre-Buy: Available. Buy Now For The Next Game
      • When: Daily at the top of the hour from 12pm to 12am

        Turn Your Luck Around With 2nd Chance Bingo

        2nd Chance FREE Bingo -

        At , we believe bingo is more fun when you get to shout out bingo often. To help celebrate more winners and create winning moments this December, we're introducing an all new special invite room called 2nd Chance, where you get the chance to turn your luck around with special £15 free bingo cash games.

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